Setting Life Goals using Trello

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I use Trello for a lot of things. Web Design projects, Graphic Design Projects, Front-End Development etc... But Trello can be used for more than just client projects.

In this video, I show you how I use Trello to set and accomplish bigger life goals. Things that have to do with my marriage, my family, my business, My personal goals of fitness or design, even fun things I want to do.

Trello is great for breaking down large goals into smaller more manageable pieces. Everything can be broken down into pieces including your big life goals.

The best part about it is this process and Trello itself is free to use. You don't need a fancy bullet journal, an expensive software, or some life coach. You just need a good work ethic, consistency and a free tool like this one. Start making things happen in your life and don't let those big audacious hopes and dreams pass you by.

Hope this is helpful to someone out there, but please keep in mind... This works for me, but it may not work for you. Don't get discouraged I am imperfect at best and slip and fail all the time. If you fall off this horse, just try your best to get back on it or something else that will carry you to the end result you desire.

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