Personal Exploration and Staying Fresh as a Creative

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In this episode, I wake up at the crack of dawn to get some personal exploration and education time. It's important whether your a graphic designer, web designer, developer or any other type of creative that you schedule some time to stay fresh and up to date in your medium. During my morning I was able to take a look at some different design software.

Figma -
Gravit Designer -
Adobe Experience Designer -

I also had the opportunity to spend a good deal of time learning CSS Grid and using and how it's ging to change layout in web. There are a few really awesome resources that were very helpful to me while learning.

CSS-Tricks -
Grid Garden -
Jen Simmons Learn CSS Grid -
Jen Simmons Lab -

Do yourself a favor and carve out some time this week or next and accomplish some of those things you have been wishing you had the time to learn.

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