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In a world of microblogs, lifestyle vlogs and motivators with foul mouths, I’m just looking for one good piece of content that will really stir up my soul.

Let's be honest

Is it too much to ask to drop all the fake motivation full of throwback “Gipper” machismo? is it too much to forgo all the reviews of cameras that will be replaced by other cameras that will be replaced by other cameras? Is it too much to ask that people stop looking for validation or success but instead look to contribute meaning? Maybe…

I’m just looking for one good piece of content. One article that makes my heart jump and my soul stir. It’s not impossible to find but it is really really rare if you're honest. If we are really honest with ourselves we would ask the question? 

What have I ingested this week that will effect me when I am 90?

And if we were brutally honest with ourselves we would answer…

Nothing :(

What’s out there?

Search any blog space, post, video, platform, or web app and you will find shallow topics that are 1,000 miles wide and 1 depressing inch deep. To call it shallow is an understatement. What is offered in the spaces mentioned above today is almost 100% for promotional purposes and I don’t blame people.

We live in an age where you can have such a thing as a personal brand (I am working on mine also) and so people have felt empowered to trudge forward without anything to contribute and nothing to lose. They are trying to build passive income (guilty), brand awareness(guilty), virility(guilty), and almost all of it is fluff.

How did we get here?

It would be easy to blame one large entity for the state of our predicament, but that would be unfair and a lie. It’s all of our faults, it’s our grandparents, parents and our faults. In the end, we are all searching for one thing…comfort, and people have done some horrible things to find comfort. We have shirked our responsibilities to give to our fellow man, to love people selflessly (Phil 2), to be grateful for what we have been given, without this posture we have found ourselves in a sea of selfishness where we have been told we are entitled to things that we never deserved. 

I am hopeful

It goes without saying that we are all desensitized to our current condition. We are numb but cannot confess it, we are senseless but won’t admit it… But I am hopeful. I am hopeful that all this will blow up in our faces and the early statistics that say that millennials are looking for genuine things is just the precursor to a revolution of the heart, wherein people will type on their keyboards more to benefit someone that they can’t see than the person in the mirror. I am hopeful that video is a medium that can teach, encourage, disciple, correct, and train people to drop the facade and wake up.

This was a rant…

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